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Full Version: HDHomeRun AddOn MIA
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I've been using the SD authored add on for Krypton and it works fine. However, for anyone wanting to see timers and upcoming timer events from within Kodi, you are out of luck. About a year ago, I came across the zuki.pvr.hdhomerundvr add-on for HDHomeRun that provides PVR DVR functionality with full timer listings.

Fast forward to this week and after taking Leia for a test run, I see that this add-on is disabled and will not update.  This would prevent me from rolling out Leia to my HTPC.  I searched EXTENSIVELY here for this add-on to no avail. I don't recall how, but I did find the authors work with current Leia updates on GitHub.  I was able to install the add-on and restored full functionality to Leia.

So, my question to Kodi team development is why are legal Kodi add-ons not listed on this site? Had I not put in more effort to track down this add-on, I would not know it still existed and is available, just not here! If you do a search for HDHomeRun you will only get two hits (4 actually, but both are duplicated).

It's a 3rd party add-on (ie not one that has been submitted to and accepted into the official repo).

So it would be up to the author of the add-on to make an account here and to start a thread to publicise and offer it. There would quite probably be no issue with them doing so (having not looked into the add-on in any great depth), but they would have to do it themselves.

I have to admit it's the first time I've heard of it too, and it may indeed be something that others are interested in.
Thanks for the reply and makes perfect sense.  I just thought that I found it easily here the first time, but now that I think of it, possibly it was mentioned in a post with a link.
Thank you
BTW - Kudo's to the author nice job. The PVR finally works very well.
Thanks, and I apologize that the code is not accessible other than via word-of-mouth.  There are a few reasons for that, perhaps none of which are even valid outside of my mind, but there are reasons Smile  At this point I'm hoping that it serves the general Kodi community better as a proof-of-concept and/or sample code for a formal set of enhancements to the official Kodi HDHR addon (insofar as I know that is actually occurring) so the entire Kodi community can benefit.

I respect and admire the Kodi team too much to come out here and self-promote something that shirks their build processes and steps on a formal PVR addon they built and maintain.  I feel weird even posting this amount of text about it, to be honest.  The folks here work very hard and provide so much support on their own time/dime, it's staggering.

Please refrain from replying to my comments here, again, this isn't supposed to be about me at all -- I just wanted folks to know that I do see and read these things, appreciate the mentions when appropriate, and that I have reasons in my head that I've tried to keep things word-of-mouth.  Thanks!