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Full Version: Android tv box pvr back end
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Hi to all i am new to the forum I just bought a chineese tv box and i would like to know what back end could be use with kodi of some research some people run tv head end is that possible or i have to use anothe back end thank you
Kodi needs a third-party PVR-backend to interact with USB TV-tuners and there are no compatible PVR-backends that runs nativly on the Android. It is the same for Xbox One.

PVR (wiki)

For now you either need to get a networked-attached TV-tuner (which can't record) or plugin your USB tuner in a computer on your network and run the PVR-backend on it.

PVR_recording_software (wiki)

Many people buy a Raspberry Pi to solve this as its a computer that you can plugin your USB tuner and run PVR-backend software on.

Suggest that buy a Raspberry Pi, plugin USB-tuner and try installing LibreELEC on it first 

LibreELEC (wiki)

LibreELEC comes preinstalled with some PVR-backend software that is relativly easy to configure, and then you can connect to that PVR-backend from Android over network.
the problem is that i have a dvbs card that have only one tuner and i want to be able to watch channels from multiple transponder and tvhead end receive chanel from one transponder for each channel even if i install libre elec