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Full Version: Question about 3d-playback
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Hi there, i have a short question about the possibility of 3d playback in Kodi.

Since i have a new gemini-lake-board, i was interested, if it is possible to playback 3d in a reasonable way at last. As far as i understood till now, the hardware-encoding is still problematic. Now i often have read, that software-encoding depends exclusively from ffmpeg and becaus ef that it is impossible to playback MVC.

Now i found this filter documentation on the ffmpeg-site:

As you can see, the last output-filter is a "HDMI frame pack"-filter.
Is this filter implemented in Kodi? Maybe its not possible to playback MVC with this, but it would bring benefits also for sbs- or tab-files. The output device (a projector in my case) would recognize the incoming 3d-stream automatically.

Sorry - wrong sub-forum. Did not see, there is a video-support sub-forum...
Thread moved to the Video support forum section.
To make it short:
Does anybody know, if the ffmpeg output-filter "HDMI frame pack" is usable in Kodi?

Sorry, if this is a silly question - i don't find a answer in the Kodi-wiki.