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Full Version: Unable to update
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Tried to update to the lates skin version of your Leia Quartz skin on my xbox one x and it says unable to complete uodate I then tried switching to kodi default skin and still getting the error message when trying to install your latest update . By the way I love your skin
Happens to me all the time on windows-based platforms. Your instinct to complete the update from Estuary is a good one but it often takes an extra step to get the OS to release the open file(s) causing the problem.

Try this:

1. switch to Estuary
2. reboot
3. goto Add-ons>My add-ons>Look and feel>Skin>Quartz
4. if the option to Enable presents itself... choose it
5. click Update

If step 5 fails, elect to Uninstall instead. Choose 'No' on the second question to preserve your skin settings. Then reinstall Quartz from the 'Settings>Interface>Skin>Get more...' dialog.

Hope that helps. Let me know how it goes...
Yes that worked thanks for your help
Thread marked solved.