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Full Version: Focus (an XBMC Media Center skin) discussion thread
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Cool! Is this an update or just a hosting move?
No update, just a hosting move. Future compiled builds will only be available through Google Code from now on as box.net's bandwith limit isn't sufficient anymore. A new version will be released within a week.
Dear All

I've just tested Alpha 6 on my xbox, and I've noticed the font change. unfortunally this cause some issue on my Xbox:

1 in the home screen the top menu seems to be "collapsed", I mean the Accessories word partially overwrite the picture and setting menu and
2. On some menu the bigger fon doesn't fit the space;
3.in the library mode if you ask for info of a film the bottom menu has a similar problem to pint 1

Maybe some bug??

thank you

same problem with xbox .... too small fonts in the view mode too
Alpha 6 has no support for 4:3 and is aimed at hd screens
Jeroen Wrote:Alpha 6 has no support for 4:3 and is aimed at hd screens

Will there be support for 16:9 PAL in the beta / gold version, or has this fallen by the wayside?
Yes I intend to support at least 16:9 SD. Maybe 4:3 as well, it depends on how feasible it is without coding lots of workarounds.
That's great news Smile
I just upgraded to Babylon and now my background is pure black - not that it bothers me just wondering if this happened to anyone else and whether there is a way to fix it?
THere has been a bug in the skinning engine with recent builds.

Jonathan corrected it yesterday. The Changeset is 19347, and the problem first occurs with svn18897. So install either a build older 18897 or newer than 19347.
Just loaded r19378 and blue background is back!

One issue, is under DVD menu the Time remaining (? Last field on right) is displaying something along the lines of [COLOR.Sublabel , etc...] xml

I can't reproduce under PM3 as it does not display the field.

ps. Fantastic skin Jeroen! It's the only one I use.
He's missing a [/COLOR] closing tag in that case.
I've altered to PAL16x9 font.xml file to display fonts in a acceptable size on SD screens (only tested using the English language). It's not perfect, for that I would have to alter the 720p skin files or create a seperate 16x9 skin configuration. I might do the latter once I find the time. I've also removed the color tag that resulted in the incorrect displaying of the end time of a video (in VideoOSD.xml). I've included the file in the following archive. Simply extract the archive in the focus skin directory and reboot or reload the skin...


I'd lake to add music fanart support. Where can I fond documentation about that? I have no skinning experience...

I still love this skin and hope it will stay alive. I hadn't used it for quite a while because of the font issue on my PAL16x9 tv. That's fixed now Smile
When I started using it again after a few months of the good old PMIII, it felt like coming home. The skin is perfect for the XBOX. It's lightweight and works well on both SD and HD screens. It's the only skin that doesn't give memory problems using fanart in 720p format (don't feel like resizing all the fanart images manualy).

Nice work Bram. I hope this version of Focus can stay alive too. I hope I can think of something to keep things going, but I will most likely need help on that. But more on that later.
Jeroen your skin is great and has very, very nice skin settings.Big Grin
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