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Full Version: Focus (an XBMC Media Center skin) discussion thread
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Jeroen - Saw your post on the DXVA thread... FYI - no need to port Focus to MP if BrokenCodes pans out (sorry Oo)... very exciting news though!
Jeroen Wrote:Andy, I don't really know anything about the MP skinning engine. I've looked at it once a long time ago, and it seemed quite similar to skinning for xbmc. But I don't know the limitations of the MP skinning engine, so I can't really say. Focus makes quite extensive use of visibility conditionals, I don't know if MP has something comparable.
That said, I don't mind Focus being ported to MediaPortal as long as credit is given. About the image sources, they will be made available on the SVN once I get everything sorted out.
Thanks for the kind words Smile

Jeroen - I've started down the path of attempting a port to MP. Would love to have the image source. If you can share them privately I can assure you that they won't get out. In the event that I am successful in porting Focus I would not release without your approval (since MP does not pack/protect images). Consideration appreciated.
I'd love to really give this skin a run but it comes up black on my G4 Mini w/ XBMC.

Sad sad sad...
first just want to say thanks for the great skin, I'm a big fan of functional/minimal stuff.

I've only been testing this out for a day so apologies if this has been covered before, but one thing that doesn't seem to be working is in the itunes/screensaver area. So under preferences/visualization I choose "Now Playing". when the screensaver kicks in all I get is a black screen. If I choose some kind of iTunes visualization (OpenGL or whatever) it works fine. I don't care for the visualization effects though, but I would like to be able to see my album covers. I switched to the built in Mediastream skin and the "Now Playing" option display correctly for the screensaver.

I am running Plex 0.8.2 and whatever Focus build was on Google code as of Aug 22nd


Thanks again for all your work
You'd probably have to ask over on the Plex forums.
I will give ask over there, thanks
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