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Full Version: Focus (an XBMC Media Center skin) discussion thread
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thanks for your testing, it's appreciated. I also tried to abuse focus on my xbox but I wasn't able to make the problem return. So I don't really understand what the factor is that causes the problem on your xbox. But like I said I have had the problem in the past and I want to prevent it happening further on any xbox. I have made some changes regarding fonts and I'm hoping they will make a difference. For all I know the problem could be limited to this particular font. Maybe I'll include an alternate fontset in the next release and see if that makes a difference.
Thanks again,

maybe i'm missing something but for me library mode will not stay enabled. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up great work by the way.
Hudson_Hawk04 Wrote:maybe i'm missing something but for me library mode will not stay enabled. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up great work by the way.

disregard that post im restarted figured it out
Hudson_Hawk04 Wrote:disregard that post im restarted figured it out

lol, I had the same problem, only to figure it out 10 minutes later. lol
Is there a google-code page of sourceforge page where we can pull a development version from?
Not at the moment, no. Focus will go on the SVN after a couple of showstopping bugs have been fixed and the code is a bit more stable and cleaned up. At the moment there´s so much stuff being changed often, rewritten, broken and fixed again I don´t see much use in a dev version for now. Steady progress has been made recently though, so it shouldn´t be too far away.
Apart from that I´ll probably keep releasing periodic compiled versions whenever there have been noteworthy updates finalized.

edit: thanks for including Focus in your plugin Smile Really useful plugin btw
Wow, I love this skin, it's just what I've been looking for! Can't wait until it matures a bit more.
New revision released, see first post for details.
Hi! Just tried out the new revision. It fixed all the problems I originally had with this skin. Felt the need to express my appreciation. This skin is looking great, and is so easy to use! Kudos.
You've done a great job on the skin. Pretty impressive! The is no other skin that allows me to access the exact part of XBMC I'd like to use, from the home screen, as quick as yours.

Two minor notes...
The backgrounds change rapidly when a backdrop directory is configured. Would it be possible to make the changing speed configurable?
When I use the skin with the Dutch language the text is bigger then a lot of the buttons (I guess you know that Smile). In English the text fits perfectly. Having the option to choose a more compact font could overcome this. I do this with the PMIII skin, and it helps. If I'd have the spare time.

I've added the skin to the xbmc-favorites plugin for download.
Thanks again for notifying me about the update!
Hi very very cool update .. fixed the error with the clock out of screen (you may remember that Smile ) .. But erm.. Why is the cowerflow for tv-shows gone? Sad .. and very cool update on the use of a folder for custom backgrounds .. but can you readd the possibility to use a single custom image too? I miss that one Smile
sweet update every thing working great for 4.3. It looks amazing with custom backgrounds, fan art, the layout, the menus and especially the context menus. I'm simply blown away by how good this skin is cheers mate
the video overlays are misplaced on my 16:9 PAL television.
I'm loving the updates you did on the skin. Very clean and easy to use. One thing I really miss in the viewtypes is a mediaview-like view like in basics-vision (see screenshot). Is it hard to copy that viewtype over to focus?
otherwise great skin, keep it up!Nod

(edit) nevermind my previous post, found out the listview will give you the big season thumbs.
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