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Full Version: Playing 4K movie on amazon fire gen2 - kodi 17.1
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i go my new LG 55C8 -4K, so i try to play a 4K movie on it
so its a 2160p UHD x265 movie on my NAS synology DS213air
that i play with kodi 17.1
with a amazon fire tv gen2
all on my LAN via cable

but the movie plays very very slowly, not watchable.
movies 1080p are played without issue

following the doc, the fire tv should be able to read 4K : https://developer.amazon.com/fr/docs/fir...?v=ftvgen2
I try enabling the hardware acceleration-mediacodec in kodi, but its not better
is it something i miss ?  
(2019-01-30, 18:18)vdurieu Wrote: [ -> ]that i play with kodi 17.1

Really? That version is already 18 months old (which is a long time in the computer business). You missed v17.2 thru 17.6, and we just released v18 yesterday.

Why not upgrade, and see if the problem persists?
thanks for advise, i upgraded to 18.0 
faster...but still not watchable framerate too slow