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Full Version: Graphical Display issues after update to V18
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So kodi automatically updated to V18 (I think it came with the Windows 10 "October Update" which my computer just installed) and now When I put Kodi on my 4th monitor in full screen, all the text is messed up.
Main menu:
Here is the settings menu:
I tried doing the display calibration but it didn't help. Any thoughts on a fix?

I can't see the images. They open to a blank page.

If the image is on your computer, then use button 19.
If the image has already been uploaded to a public image hosting site, then use button 14, right click the image and select Copy image location
ImageImageSorry, I put them on my Microsoft OneDrive account and used the "Embed" link but it apparently doesn't work unless the browser is logged into my account...which kinda defeats the whole point of the "share/embed" link 🙄 Microsoft
Can you post a Debug Log thanks. Don't need to do anything except Enable debug mode in SEttings>System settings>Logging, then Restart.

The developers will want to look at version numbers for skins, core etc.
So the problem is gone today, everything seems to be displaying correctly, and all my media is back (before it said my library was empty, but my library is full again today and I didn't have to set it up again).
I suspect it was a Windows issue.
Thread marked solved.