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Full Version: Is the Windows Store version 64 bits?
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Is Kodi Windows Store version 64 bits?
Is Kodi Android version 64 bits?
yes and yes if you choose the armv8 one / your device is armv8.
how can I check if I have armv8 or 64 bits?
is your device armv8? if so that's what the play store delivers. if not, it delivers 32-bit. simple as that.

if you download from kodi.tv you have to make sure you select the armv8 version. armv8 is the name for the 64 bit arm instruction set.
My device is a normal PC running Win 10 and it just upgraded Kodi UWP to v18
i already told you uwp build is 64 bit. arm only related to android. your second question.
Ah OK thanks Smile I was confused by the "yes and yes".