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Full Version: UWP Kodi on Windows 10 isn't working for me
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I've never had a Kodi release be so completely broken before.  Granted it's not really Kodi v18, it's inherent limitations of UWP but still...

I've abandoned the Windows Store version of V18 as UWP limitations effectively make the store version of Kodi a useless boat anchor for me.  The .exe version is working great, thanks for that Smile

Is there a way to permanently remove the Kodi v18 Windows Store app or a way to revert to the Kodi 17.6 store app?

Also, the auto store upgrade from 17.6 to 18 left a non-working Kodi icon on my Windows 10 taskbar.  I can't find a way to remove it.  Anyone know if there is a way to remove the leftover version 17.6 shadow icon from the store version of Kodi 17 from the windows taskbar?
Currently you can install "desktop version" from the store on PC. UWP version is installing now on xbox only.