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Full Version: [XBOX] Folders with mkv files on external HDD not detected
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Yesterday I installed Kodi 18.0 on my Xbox One X and plugged in an external HDD with few folders of 4K mkv files for testing purpose.
Kodi is not detecting any folder (aka HDD looks "empty") whilst the same drive connected to PC/Android boxes/NVidia Shield does not have any issue in their version of Kodi 18 and video files are detected and played correctly.
Is there any specific step I should make into Kodi setup?
Thanks in advance.
Definitely no feedback?
(2019-02-04, 18:10)gpmc Wrote: [ -> ]Definitely no feedback?

we have no ideas what's wrong with your HDD.
HDD is perfect since it's properly managed by Kodi 18.0 with my NVidia Shield, Vero 4K+ (OSMC), Zidoo X9S, PC's.
Simply it looks totally empty by Kodi 18.0 on my Xbox One X.
I meant that I have no idea why your HDD isn't accessible from UWP app.