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Full Version: Sorting Music/Audiobooks changed in v18? How to get back?
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Hi there,

i noticed that the sorting of album changed in Kodi 18. If use official Kodi remote with my 17.6 client, the audiobooks are sorted like this, starting with:

....Volume 1
....Volume 2
....Volume 9
....Volume 10
....Volume 11

With the new Kodi 18 its the same sorting at the TV Screen, but in the remote app its sorted like:

....Volume 100
....Volume 102
....Volume 109
....Volume 10
....Volume 110

How to get this working like before? Any settings to do?

Thanks in Advance

Moved to music
I suspect you are simply sorting by title rather than sorting by track, try different sort oders on the side blade
(2019-02-01, 20:08)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]Moved to music
 Hi, thanks. Don't know if its "Music" or, "Kodi Remote for iOS" or "Kodi 18RC".

I made some screenshots.

Sorting in Remote-app with Kodi 17.6 client. (it starts with Volume 1)

Sorting in Remote-app with Kodi 18.0 RC client. (it starts with Volume 100)

Maybe it's a better description with pictures.

greetz pand0ra
On TV both, 17.6 and 18.0 have the same order. Only in the remote app, the order is different.
Yes, that seems to be the app. I will move you to the iOS App forum.

This shows up with every iOS Remote App i tried.

Greetz pand0ra