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Full Version: Solved: How to prevent artist folder pictures from being overwritten
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I've configured the library to use pictures from the parent folder, which is mostly a good thing, because I've stored albums in an artist folder with an artist picture, but for some artist entries it's not the right one (artists appearing in collaborations only) and so I picked different ones. That's fine, but after the next library scan, all those pictures were replaced with those from the parent folder.
How can I prevent this from happening?
... using option "Search for thumbnails on remote shares" in Settings/Media/Music
What version Kodi are you using?

A read of this should help... Artist information folder (wiki)
Ok, you should consider upgrading to v18 and taking advantage of the new Artist Information Folder which will fix that exact problem you described.
Ok, understood. Maybe I should upgrade to v18. Maybe I should upgrade to v18.
Yes, probably best. There has been a lot of improvements.

Just make sure you understand the Artist information folder (wiki) by reading that page. All your Artist Images are now moved to a separate folder structure so you can have artist folders for artists where there is no album. Great for compilation albums and featured artists.
Sounds great!
I'll upgrade to v18 as soon as I've got my audio files fixed (tagged correctly).
Thanks for your help!