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Full Version: SMB Support not working on Xbox One v18.0
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I havz installed the latest version of kodi v 18. On several devices (mac, win 10 -UWP-, android and ios, rasberry pi). All devices connect to a shared db and access the movie files via smb. The database holds the filenames as 
SMB://user:[email protected]/movie.mkv

On all devices this is working except on the xbox (and yes the virtual files system is enabled). 
The error message from the log says:
Error: AddOnLog: SMB support (libsmb2): SMB2: connection to share 'DIRNAME' at server 'SERVERNAME' failed. Session setup failed (0xC00000006d) STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE

The SMB file share is on an OSX computer (mac mini running 10.13.6 high sierra)

Note: From the xbox I can connect to the smb share that located on the rasberry pi running libreelec 9.0 (this is kodi 18.0)

What can be the problem?
I was hoping someone could at least point me in the direction of a solution.

My theory is that the library the xbox is using is not "up-to-date" meaning it is not supporting the latest flavor of SMB (v3, with the latests security patches ) -perhaps they are not using the latest release of the library-

Can that be the case and if is there a possibility to update this library

You'll want to post a debug Log to increase chance of getting help.