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Full Version: Estuary skin setting resets and also missing settings
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Hey guys just got the lastest update and everytime I load kodi on my nvidia shield all the menu items (movie, tv shows, music, music videos, tv, radio, radio, games add-ons,, etc) reappear even thought I choose not to show them in the skin settings. This happens everytime I exit and come back in. I also notice that if I go into the skin settings I have entply fields. It's hard to explain but if I reset to default and choose the skin again I have all the fields to adjust. Once I close Kodi and back in the default screen appears and I'm back to step 1. Is there a fix or do I have to uninstall and re-install from scratch. Thank you for your time and help.
In my experience Kodi only saves settings to disk when you exit either from the power menu or using a JSON call to quit Kodi.  Is that how you're quitting Kodi, or are you doing something from the Shield that just terminates the Kodi process (in which case settings changes won't be saved).  The other thing to check is to make sure the permissions on the addon_data folder is correct so that Kodi has permissions to write to the folder.
(2019-02-04, 00:23)pkscout Wrote: [ -> ]In my experience Kodi only saves settings to disk when you exit either from the power menu or using a JSON call to quit Kodi.
That's not been the case for a while AFAIK (I think it changed for krypton).  Just checked on windows 18, and skin settings changes are saved instantaneously.
Hello, I exit Kodi through the menu everytime. Never had a problem with it for years until this upgrade. Not sure what to try.
(2019-02-04, 01:15)scansbar Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure what to try.
Providing a debug log (wiki) could be a good start.
I'm having the same problems on my linux box (archlinux 18.1-2) debug logs can be found at https://gist.github.com/7df76419ea00166e...eabbef3d37

At first glance i don't see anything special in them. I want to add that I am using multiple users and this problems happens on the 2nd profiles (not master)

profiles are currently known broken. If it's about that texts are missing, I would suggest to follow that (section 5.1): https://kodi.wiki/view/Profiles#Missing_...g_profiles

That will at least workaround the missing texts and also probably the settings issue.

Anyway, anything profile related will not be fixed for Kodi 18.
@DaVu  thx for the information that didnt really solve the problem for the estuary skin, I also noticed that on my profile the skin defaulted to estuary instead of the configured one (confluence) applying the workaround described above did make it switch to confluence.

I tried to use estuary again but the reloadskin didnt apply my config (mainly hiding menus).
Did you made sure that the autoexec.py is present under your kodi -> userdata folder and also under EVERY!!!! profile folder?

It still works like a charm for me using different skins in different profiles.
Yes you are right I forgot to place it in the main userdata folder
@DaVu  sorry for this very late reply but the wiki seems to be having a typo https://kodi.wiki/view/Profiles#Missing_...g_profiles

It says


There shouldn't be a ')' behind the Skin caused me some headache (took me a while to spot this. could you edit the wiki or something? Seems to be a big hassle to create a wiki account for changing 1 char

Thanks. It's fixed now