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Full Version: Sound does not work in emulators if "Stereo upmix" is activated in the system options
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After a few days of testing emulators without getting sound I discovered that sound does not work in emulators if "Stereo upmix" is activated in the system options, if I disable that option, it works perfectly.

Tested on Nvidia Shield (Android, with latest firmware) with Kodi Leia 18 (Official version), tested with NES/SNES/SMS/Genesis (launched from "Internet Archive Game Launcher" addon), with Kodi retroplayer internal emulators/addons.

Same problem here, Win 10 official Leia 64-bit install. Use the option to upmix stereo internet radio. So switching is not very practical. Any advice is welcome.thanks.
I found a solution for my setup: changed main sound spdif to wasapi default. Still have wasapi spdif passthrough enabled so movies/shows take advantage of my sound system. My guess is that u have to use passthrough and a sound system with receiver in order to do this. Anyways, i hope this works for u too.
The solution i presented does mean only 2 channels in radio, so basically a start/stop script for stereo upmix when launching a game would be best of both worlds. 7.1 surround music does sound a lot better then 2.0....
recently upgraded to kodi 18.1 - on an rPi3 w/ LibreELEC 9.0.1 
thanks - stereo upmix off - and now we can play games too. 
  • on i heard pops and clicks ( 3 random cores / 3 random roms )
  • off they work

a few years ago, i used audioProfiles to make a remote button toggle surroundSound or BT headPhones. not sure if this one has been updated to leia. to auto-fire the audioProfile, i would have looked to callBacks, but its needed a new owner for some time and (from what i read) doesn't appear work well in leia.... perhaps something similar ?