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Full Version: Emulator support on Linux?
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Hello all,

I'm trying to make game support go on ubuntu bionic, and it looks like the PPA doesn't contain any emulator cores:

For reference, it looks like a bunch are available for other platforms:

kodi-game-libretro in particular appeared to have a debian packaging issue since resolved, thanks @wsnipex:

That clued me in to looking for other /debian/ folders in the emulator core directories but I couldn't find any. For example, PSX:

Additionally, looking at the repository chain from the main kodi repo, only a few items are referenced from kodi-game at all:

Looking at one of the few that did make the reference, 2048, it doesn't appear to have ubuntu as a build target:

Is this all expected?

I'd love to test this out, and wanted to check if I'm going about this the wrong way by using ubuntu.
yes, packaging is missing for game addons.
https://github.com/fetzerch/kodi-game-sc...-460053733 should remedy that

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Thanks in advance.
I see addons in the nightly-ppa. Just wondering if thats where they will live in general? If so, I'll add that to the 'Getting Started' post.
once they got some testing I'll also copy them to the stable ppa
Looks like half of them are failing to build
Any update ?
It would great to have these packages !  Big Grin
wintermute0110 has written a script that works very well to build them on your own.  he has very clear instructions on his git page, it takes ~15 minutes to build most of the emulators, mame not included.  Tips from when I built:

1) you don't have to build kodi, but you do have to import kodi-source.  When you do import kodi-source you must do it as user kodi by typing "su kodi" in the terminal window, it will then ask for your password which hopefully you remember.

2) After that return to your normal user, "su 'user name here'"

3) Once everything is built you will need to copy the *emulator.so files from the build folder to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/kodi/addons
nice, thanks !
or you install them from the nightly ppa and help testing
It is what I done but as haraldini said, lots of them have failed to build
(2019-02-24, 23:02)wsnipex Wrote: [ -> ]or you install them from the nightly ppa and help testing
 I looked at this route but it seems like most of the emulators failed to build.  It looks like there was a missing dependency, but you would know much more than I would about that.  I installed virtual-jaguar and fbalpha from ppa and they work well in the little bit I've played around.  For snes9x and beetle-psx I had to build on my own.  I can report these findings on github if you like.
For my part I had a big memory leak when testing fbalpha with mortal kombat : Memory graph
same issue with anothers emulators, should be my system ^^
Checking both Unstable and Stable PPAs (@wsknippex) , par example


I cant find any emulator at all there. Am I looking for instalable emulators in the wrong place? Is there another PPA for emulators that people are using?

This is for Bionic running Kodi 18.1 (stable)
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