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Full Version: Klojum you moved my post.....on mistake?
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Hi Klojum

You moved my post "Nvidia Shied - Recently Added is not updating" with the reasoning "because it is a duplicate of a thread you have posted before".

I'm all for this not happening, but I have not posted in here in years, and certainly not for v18 Leia (Besides the second post I created yesterday on a different subject). Could you please point me to this post your are refering to, that is a duplicate. I might find the answer i'm looking for there.

Thank you.

You created two posts that were almost identical in content.

The first is here... https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2818480
The second is here... https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2818478

The only difference between the two is the mention of rar files in the first post, which is why that one remained, and the other one was removed.

Our Forum Rules do not allow cross-posting the same question in multiple locations on the forum. Klojum was correct to remove one of them.

Your post has been moved to "Website and Forum Issues or Suggestions"
I know they look a like, but the two subjects are very different?

One is regarding the updateing of rar files in the "Movie Library"
The second is the updating of movies in the "Recently Added" which is a widget within Kodi.

Yes, both are updating issues, but has nothing to do with one another. They may have the same solution, but that is not for me to know.
They are so similar that both questions should have been asked in the same thread.

Please do so.
I don't have the "power" to edit my original post and subject, and I'm afraid that it now will be lost among the rest of the comments.

I know they sound similar, but I'm very sure that it is two different issues, with two different solutions. To have them in the same post will be confusing. Please allow me to create a different post, for this different issue.