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Full Version: Kodi v18 - Certified certificates can not be authenticated with given CA certificates
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Hi at all,
I'd like to see a video on the Wstream site (https://wstream.video) where the link looks like this:
Unfortunately when I go to reproduce the link Kodi v18 releases this error in the log:
Certified certificates can not be authenticated with given CA certificates (60).
The video in the version of Kodi v17.6 works perfectly but in the new version of Kodi v18 the movie does not start.
Is it possible to deactivate this function? Otherwise how can I escape it?
Thank you

Used Operating system: Android, MS Windows 7 x64 Pro, MS Windows 10 x64, Raspberry Pi
I got exactly the same problem, with other sources too. Akstream videos have the same log message error. I hope someone will help us! It's a very annoyng regression!
I have the same problem with timvision addon: http://ix.io/1ATO
My raw guess is that DRM vendors might have changed something in the CA trust chain of their ssl certificates.
Would it be possible to let kodi/is.a bypass the certificate trust check and use it like a self signed certificate?
I have the same issue with KODI addon for TIMVISION too (Kodi v18). 

The system works well until few days ago. Next, something changed, but I don't know what happens
(TIM assistance was informed about the issue but till now it was not able to provide any help). 

I have investigated about the issue, obtaining such conclusions: 

- The issue is not determined by Kodi v18 itself, because TIMVISION app for Android (i.e. the app released by TIM) says that "Si è verificato un errore nell'acquisizione della licenza. Riprova tra qualche minuto." (this behaviour was verified on two smartphones with Android 6.0);
- TIMVISION addon for Kodi v18 shows the error "Certified certificates cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates" also on a set-top box A95X-R1 with Android 6.0. 

I have verified that TIMVISION app works well with a third smartphone with Android 7.0. Therefore, I have updated my A95X-R1 set-top box to Android 7.1, but Kodi v18
does not work also on this system. 

No issues under Windows 7,8 and Windows 10, where TIMVISION website perfectly works with Firefox or Chrome. 

It seems that there is an issue with the chain of intermediate certificates of some CA authority, but I don't know how to solve. 
Any help or ideas ?

Is it possible to disable SSLchecks or SSL verification in Kodi add-on for TIMVISION ? 
Is it possible to debug SSL check in Kodi, in order to discover what intermediate CA certificate expired ?