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Full Version: How to use ScummVm?
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(2019-04-06, 18:30)mrbell321 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2019-02-28, 19:08)beta-tester Wrote: [ -> ]i just tried LibreELEC 9.0.1 (with Kodi 18.1) on my RPi3B.

when i select a summvm file that contains the right scummvm game code, i get the following errorlog:
efetivarij.kodi (paste)

content of the "Monkey Island 1.scummvm" file is "monkey" (without quotes)
on the standalone retropie installation i can play games for scummvm.

I posted in the other forum, but in case it’s not libreelec related, I get this same error about ZN3GUI13OptionsDialog5cleanEv on all my games.

Fresh install of everything and I get the same error.
Hi boys.... how i can found a guide to how to create this .scummvm files ?
I have a Pi2 whit latest OSMC build........ it's works and i can launch to reach the scummvm gui but every setting i do or every games i add it's be lost when i exiting from the addons and relaunch it.

Problably if i can create this .scummvm files inside of it i can set all preferences like the current PATH of files and my prefereed PATH for savegames............

Thanks in advance.
since yesterday i got a working ScummVM add-on working for RPi2/3 thanks to user vpeter...
see the link LibreELEC: Retroplayer - ScummVm
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