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Full Version: kodi cannot/will not login to tvheadend, anon works fine
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Hi, I'm having issues getting a Kodi install (Kodi 17 I believe, installed from OS repo) on Devuan Ascii (Debian based distro) to work properly against TVHeadend 4.2.8-4~g9f7ab681a.

The only plugin I have in kodi is the pvr-hts plugin.

With an anonymous account set up in TVH everything works fine. if I delete the anonymous account, it breaks. The user/password provided in Kodi pvr-hts config is valid and works to access the TVHeadend webui, but when I enable the pvr-hts plugin with no anonymous account in TVHeadend, I immediately get 'access denied' in Kodi, sometimes followed by 'the server did not respond properly'. I can't find any logs or errors on the TVH end.

If there's an anonymous account set in TVHeadend, Kodi apparently ignores the given user account and silently uses the anonymous one.

I'm putting this here because I believe it's a Kodi issue, due to the user account in question working fine on the TVH webui.