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Full Version: Cover Art not shown in Fullscreen mode
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first of all I have to say that I love the design of Pellucid. I would like to use the skin as my new default.
While testing, i discovered that the Cover Art in Music mode is not always shown correctly. If I browse to an album or a playlist and hit "enter" on a track and switch to fullscreen (now playing) mode, everything is fine. But when i go back, hit backspace multiple times until I am back in the main menu and then press Tab to switch to fullscreen mode, the default cover is shown (double eighth note) - not that in the file.

To be sue the image in the Tags is readable, i tested this also on Estuary skin - no problem there.
Update: although the skin shows a Cover if you start out of a playlist/Folder, the Cover is never updated. If Kodi proceeds to next track, it shows still the cover of the first song started.
Thanks Shakan. I'll look into this but suspect it's a bug that is outside of my control. I'll see what's going on all the same.
After updating to 18.1, it works again. I am not sure if the behavior changed right after the update because I was not paying attention to it. So, it seems you were right that it was not cause by the skin itself.