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Full Version: Show games on Estuary home screen?
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EDIT: I just noticed there are Games Library addons. Please disregard this post as I had not tried any of those.

Hi everyone! Been a long time since I've been active here, but my ShieldTV's Kodi updated itself to Leia a couple weeks ago and I was excited to see the new Games feature. I already have a standup arcade machine and I had been doing emulation on that for the handful of roms I own.

I've installed the FCEUMM addon and it works great, however my Estuary home screen doesn't show any items in the Game section-- it just shows the default message about installing addons. Is there any way to have it display anything on the home screen? I can Favorite individual ROMs but then they just all get mixed in with Favorites. I'd rather have it be more like the other libraries for Movies and TV where recently used, unplayed, random, etc are displayed or some way of linking to ROMs inside of the source and have them display with art and all.

Or am I missing a Games Library addon that needs to be installed for there to be a Games Library? I'd rather not launch into an addon that has its own UI.
Not all the game library addons are Game addons Big Grin