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Full Version: Chorus2 tweaks. Darker with image mods
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i use firefox and stylish

or apply the css in some other way

install stylish for chorus, correct the ip address to yours and it should be working

video shows the major look/ mods

simple corny, but i an hooked on checking out the movie artwork upĀ  close.
will eventually update with tv images probably.
Also try Firefox and its Dark Reader extension. No need to manually juggle with CSS code. Smile
i have about 5 ways to make my pages dark or black.

the main "trick" was just the image enlargements/reveals.
normally you cant easily view the great fanart, its mostly hidden.

plus is my first post here in the forum, love kodi and thought id start with a trick instead of a problem.
Sorry. I guess I was too much in 'trouble-shooting' mode. Smile