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Full Version: Possbile Bug with Path Substitution?
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I am using Kodi 18 64 bit on Windows 10 Pro.  The system is set up with multiple profiles and pulling from a shared folder for media.  I have an advancedsettings.xml file to point the four profiles to a separate share for the stored thumbnails on an SSD. The snippet of code is like this:

            <to>smb://Anubis/Kodi Data/Blod/Thumbnails</to>

Every time Kodi launches, it crashes immediately, but removing this snippet results in Kodi launching normally.  The shared folder is up and running and I can access it properly via normal Windows operations.  The version I am using is Kodi 18 release from January 28 (Git: 20190128-d81c34c465), downloaded from the Kodi web site.   I have Kodi 18 running on another machine with another copy of the same file and pointing to the same database and it works just fine, the only difference being in the skin (Aura on the non-working one, default on the other).  Changing the skin back did not fix the situation.

Has anyone encountered anything similar?


Path substitution is not actively supported at this time.

See https://kodi.wiki/view/Path_substitution
Thanks for the information, is the relevant part this sentence below?
Quote:Note: Path substitution for "sources" and profiles is broken, and will NOT be fixed.

Ironically, the example in the wiki is what I was following so I guess that is only for 17.6 and below.

Even though it is broken, how would it prevent Kodi from launching on one PC, but not the other?


Please go ahead and close this, i reinstalled the entire program and it seems to work now.
Thread marked solved.