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Full Version: Help!!
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Hi, I’m trying to make a simple build, I have previously had the xenon build. In the tv and movie section it has a “search movies””search tv” button which searches a movie then let’s you pick from all your sources . I have tried to replicate this but I can only get a short cut to movie menu with trakt search , movie database search not a straight search straight to my sources . If this doesn’t make sense I can explain more
Mentioning of banned addons (wiki) like Xenon won't endear you to anyone here to want to help you.

It would probably be good if you actually read the forum rules (wiki) that you accepted and agreed to when you signed up here, especially the piracy policy (wiki) section.
(2019-02-10, 12:15)Aeron Wrote: [ -> ]If this doesn’t make sense I can explain more
You could start by using a less retarded title for your forum thread.