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Full Version: PVR Recordings: list view height overruns intended area
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Hi Ronie.

This issue has been around since Transparency v.11.03-ish in 1080p/View-PVR.xml (when you added the List View to PVR Recordings for me.  Cool )
I only noticed it fairly recently when I had enough recordings present to extend the list beyond a single page - I waited a while to report it as I was still on v.17 Krypton, & didn't want to bother you while a full release of v.18 Leia & matching Transparency were seemingly just around the corner, and a fixed layout might have been pending already.

The issue is that the upper section of recorded items is slightly too long, and extends over the top of the media info section at the bottom of the pane, as seen here:-


Adjusting height of the relevant part in <include name="MediaInfo-PVRRecordings"> seems to fix the problem.

Line: 695     <height>654</height>
Line: 695     <height>495</height>

All the best,
thanx for the feedback :-)
i'll change the height to 495.