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Full Version: How to get Artist NFO files local scraping?
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Actually I have a music database with mp3 incl. Musiccover. In the same folder is the artist and fanart cover.
I would like to automaticlly nfo datas from the artist.
How it works?

Use the Artist Information Folder as detailed here... https://kodi.wiki/view/Artist_information_folder

And another explanation here... https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2818772
MediaElch creates artist and album NFOs and downloads album art (cover and disc image) and artist art (thumb and fanart) for most artists and stores them in Kodi’s recommended music folder structure (for Kodi 17 - Kodi 18 has a new optional Artist Information folder)

I usually manually add my own album cover from albumartexchange.com when tagging new albums and don’t use MediaElch for album covers. I’m pretty sure you could disable all art and just create NFOs.
(2019-02-11, 19:44)ko2010di Wrote: [ -> ]I would like to automaticlly nfo datas from the artist.
Do you mean create NFO files that Kodi can read, or generate NFO files for artist data that has been fetched from online sites by the scraper? Export facility will create NFO files with the data that is alreday in Kodi (or empty files you can edit if there is none).

If your problem is that the artists do not have information and art then I suggest that you use the Universal Artist scraper to fetch it.

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