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Full Version: Album-Specific Fanart
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I've seen mention that album-specific fanart is possible in v18, but have not found a how-to.

I've placed some fanart.jpg's in with discart.png and folder.jpg in several album folders as a test, and have added the following (see below) to the albumextraart section of my advancedsettings.xml, but no joy.

Can some kind soul advise me on this, please?


You also have to use a skin that shows fanart for albums, most use artist fanart.

I know there nees to be a user friendly explanation for what is currently a new and expert level feature, but I'm not the best guy for that. Volunteers? In later versions of Kodi this will become easier automated, what is there so far does need a bit of knowledge to get it working.
I think skins have traditionally supported thumb and discart for albums.  It would be easy enough for skins to add fanart since they probably already support artist fanart in album views.  For more specialized styles of art, it creates a need to figure out where to display (things can get kind of crowded/busy).

scott s.
Thanks for the feedback.

I've tested this with Aeon Nox Silvo and the album-specific fanart works! Even clearlogos placed in the album folder display. I've added both arttypes into my advancedsettings.xml file for extra album art.

My main interest is in displaying movie-related backgrounds for soundtrack albums (The Matrix fanart while playing the soundtrack to The Matrix, etc.), and this definitely seems possible - at least with this skin. It just remains to configure things so that I can get static fanart for soundtracks, but cycling extrafanart for all other artists. I've got a query in on Mike's thread for this notion.