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Full Version: Leia and Second monitor + Hardware Acceleration
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I have a Netbook. Old Samsung N150. (intel atom & 1 gig ram) I know It's outdated but it was fır my mom. And I installed kodi in it for her watching movies in our network hdd & listening music.
It's lubuntu installed. (18.04 LTS x64)
I was using 17.6 in it. And despite it's had problems over 720p it was using hardware accelaration (It had latest MESA) and it was working great with VGA to a 1920x1080 monitor. At least most of the old recordings were working perfect.

Suddenly I installed kodi 18.0 final. Now it's only show software acceleration. In 1024x600 screen it's still acceptable not having sync issues.
But when I connect it to monitor supporting 1920x1080 it's really choppy. I mean sound and video becoming unsync in 5-6 second later. Video and sound still both working but unsync thing is really make unwatchable... And it's a mp4 file in our network (360p video and i tried 480p video also). Also I tried avi files. I believe the new upscaler has trouble with it.
I might be back to 17.6 in that netbook but I hope a solution for it.
(for your info I have latest mesa - I believe 18.3)