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Full Version: Dreamcast/NAOMI working?
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I noticed an update pushed, has anyone got this emulator working?  I'm running Win 10.

I tried the update but it boots me out of Kodi, gives me 2 error messages:
16:54:11.291 T:7408   ERROR: GAME: No stream implementation for type: 3
16:54:11.311 T:7408   ERROR: AddOnLog: Sega - Dreamcast/NAOMI (Reicast): Did not load bios, using reios

I'm using the same BIOS as I use in Retroarch so I'm not sure why its not loading it.  I also have it in a DC folder in game.libretro.reicast/resources/system.  Before crashing Kodi it does create the DATA folder and *.BIN files but I never see the BIOS screen.
Reicast needs full OpenGL support, that is not implemented in Kodi yet.
That is what I  thought.  I saw the update pushed and wanted to at least ask about it.  Thanks.