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Full Version: Bizarre Music Library Problem
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Hello All

This is the problem:
I have all the FLAC from a double CD recording of Bach's Brandenburg Concerti in two separate folders located in my source folder.
I edit the 'Album' field for my classical music so that it reflects the work. So althought there are only two discs, there are actually 6 albums, one for each concerto.
I scanned the first of the two folders to my library and noticed something odd. In addition to the three albums which this folder contains, Concerto No.1, 2, 3, the library entry under J.S. Bach also contained six other albums titled Concerto 1-6, but with slightly different spacing, there is a space after No. and before the numeral. These albums list the same tracks as the corresponding other three albums, but of course the tracks don't play 'One or more items failed to play'.

I experimented and investigated and have discovered the following:
If I change the both 'artist' tag and the 'composer' tag in some way, the smallest change will do (I removed the full-stop after S), this problem disappears.
Kodi doesn't display the 'composer' tag so I don't know why this makes a difference.
Even one of the FLAC files in folder by itself if scanned will generate that list of six additional albums with dead link tracks.
It also generates an image which appears when I move the selection bar over the composer J.S. Bach name in the artist list, however this image is not an image located in the scanned folder, nor embedded in any of the files. It is the album cover of another Bach CD, a Rosalyn Tureck one, which is located in another folder in the source folder, but which had not been scanned into the library.
The six additional albums, their titles, their track content, their year, etc. remain the same regardless of what I do to the other tags.
I removed the source and all the library items so these experiments were done in an empty library.

What on earth could be causing this? I don't know where to begin. Kodi must be doing something more than just scanning the tags and building a library item...

Thanks for any help with this
Hello @Tstrbl

Can you...
1. Provide a screenshot of the tags in a couple of these files using Mp3Tag extended tag view window or similar software.
2. Provide a Debug Log so we can gather additional info about your setup. If you can remove those albums from the library then run an Update Library, it would help see what is happening.
3. What version and what OS are you using.
Hi Karellen

Thanks for the reply.
1. Here are screenshots from kid3 which is what I was using to edit the tags.


2. The log file: https://paste.kodi.tv/lopowequhe

3. I'm running Krypton 17.6, on Libreelec, on Minix S905 chip.

I haven't posted log files before so hope I've done it correctly.

Thanks again for looking into this.
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Sorry about that. I'd forgotton they were there, don't actually use them.

Is this OK: https://paste.kodi.tv/hotokoxomi
This is most likely a tagging issue, unfortunately I don't trust kid3 to be showing all the metadata that Kodi could be reading or Kid3 having correctly edited it.  Better would be to look at it using Mp3tag, preferably viewing the extended tags (alt+T). I still have not found a good way to share all metadata accurately for diagnosis purposes, screenshots is limited but probably easilest, but it could come to putting the music files somewhere and PM me a link. I really don't want the media but it is a definative way to see what metadata is there.

Another approach is to let me have your Music60.db file (with just those albums scanned), again PM with link. I may be able to pickup what happened from that.
Here's a screenshot from Mp3Tag. No different from Kid3
It's certainly related to tags given that changing a single full-stop in both the 'composer' and the 'artist' tag resolves the problem, however Kodi must be reacting to the 'Bach J.S.' tag in a strange way. I just don't know enough about the precise sequence of the 'scan' process, so I can't work out what it does with that 'J.S. Bach' tag.

I'll see if I can get you a copy of the .db file. The problem is that I have a second source for all of my other music and I'd prefer not to have to remove and repopulate it.
After some further experimentation I have discovered that scanning any files which contain the tag "Bach, J.S." will produce these six phantom concerti albums. It is very strange.
As Dave already stated, you have extended tags somewhere in those files.  Try using Musicbrainz Picard and make sure you use the "clear exisiting tags" option.
No, it's not extended tags.

I can take any music file, change the 'artist' tag or the 'composer' tag to 'Bach, J.S.' and the six phantom concerti albums, and phantom image, are generated. 

It involves whatever Kodi does during the 'scanning' process. Somehow the appearance of the tag 'Bach J.S.' in either of these two fields causes it to create six phantom albums by 'artist' Bach, J.S. and to associate an image 'Rosalyn Tureck, Well-Tempered Clavier' with that artist.

I assume that the scanning process reads each file's tags and then writes them to the music.db file. Does it do anything else?
(2019-02-15, 22:28)Tstrbl Wrote: [ -> ]I'll see if I can get you a copy of the .db file. The problem is that I have a second source for all of my other music and I'd prefer not to have to remove and repopulate it.
Sure, run Kodi in portable mode https://kodi.wiki/view/Windows_FAQ#Portable_mode (a way to use Kodi without impacting your current setup etc.). It will start empty so you can just add the files with this issue and scan, and then give me access to the resulting MuMusic60.db file via PM with link. I may be able to pickup what is happening from that.
I don't think I can run portable mode because I'm not using Windows.

The files don't have an issue. I can download any random file from the internet and the effect will be the same. The issue involves the two tag fields, artist and composer, and the tag 'Bach, J.S.'
Maybe there is an issue with the .db file or something else which affects the scanning process.

I think I'll remove the other source, see if the error continues. If so, I'll PM you the .db, and if you have time you could perhaps have a quick look.

Thanks again for helping with this.
From PM you seem to have solved your problem yourself, so going to mark this as solved. I can't guess how your db got into that state, but the important thing is it is resolved.