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Full Version: CDVDMessageQueue(player)::Put MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED
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I have issues with playing movie files.
The strange thing is that Kodi played the same file 1-2 days ago, but now it does nothing. When i try to resume from the home screen.
I'm using Ubuntu Linux 18.10, Linux 4.18.0-15-generic on x86_64 on Intel J3455 and source is HDD.

Here is a debug log

Although, when i start playing from the specific location(Videos->Source->avi path) then it starts playing.

Could you help me resolve this issue?

(2019-02-18, 23:04)fred741 Wrote: [ -> ]Here is a debug
That is unfortunately not a full log, just like having only a few pieces to a big puzzle.
Please provide the full & uncut debug log (wiki) so we can have full details on your system.
Sure, here it is. Full and uncut.
If that matters, I've planned to run it 7/24
That looks like another dynpath outtage.
Could you explain it? Smile
How could i fix it?
(2019-02-19, 20:41)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]That looks like another dynpath outtage.
 You mean this issue? 15414 (GH issue)
Should i wait for another release then?