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Full Version: 5.1 FLAC Files only play in stereo (Android)
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Hi guys,

The title sort of says it all...

I have a Zidoo Z9S Android box that I'm pretty happy with, EXCEPT:

I have a fair bit of Music in 5.1 FLAC, and no matter what I do I can't get them to paly in anything beyond Stereo in ZDMC (the Zidoo Kodi branch). To be clear: I'm not interested Dolby Digital or something like that, but "simply" Multichannel PCM.

I've tried with ZDMC 16.1, KODI 17.6 and 18.0, all with the same result.

I do get the desired 5.1 PCM Output when I use the (otherwise horrible) Zidoo Musicplayer 3.0 App, leading me to suspect either a KODI issue or me missing something!

The System and the System Settings:

Android 7.1
Player: PAPlayer (KODI default player)
Output: Best Match (tried optimized too, no difference)
Number of Channels: 7.1
Passthrough: on for all formats

Zidoo/Android HDMI Audio Output settings: RAW (= passthrough). Tried Auto too, no difference

All DTS and Dolby Formats are working correctly.

Any thoughts more than welcome!

- Erik

If you are using ZDMC, which is a fork of Kodi that we have nothing to do with, you need to be asking the ZDMC developers for assistance.
I've tried with with KODI 17.6, 18.0 and 18.1 - same story....
Many Android boxes do not support Multichannel LPCM using the standard Android API's, provide a debug_log (wiki) and we can see what your box reports.
I'll provide a log tonight, no problem.

Thanks for taking a look at his!!

- Erik
Here's the logfile from kodi 18.1:


- Erik