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Full Version: Keyboard shortcut to Main Menu?
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I've just switched to an nVidia Shield after all these years from having Kodi on a PC. Is there a key to take you to the main menu/home screen in one shot? I don't want to hit back back back to get there. I used http://xbmccustomregis.sourceforge.net/remote_manu.html scripts and tools on the PC to remap the Guide button on my Harmony to do that on my Kodi's PC's before. I have always used Transparency skin so I was hoping there was a feature within the skin to do this.

I think most of us have customized to the point of having our immediate interests on the front page, favourites, or nodes which doesn't require drilling down a lot. I guess PC people are spoiled, I've gotten into the shield with one of those blue tooth multi-media keyboards and there hasn't been a lot of fiddling. The esc key takes me back to the home page if I'm deep.
Try holding down the back button. Works on all of my devices; although android/shield is not one of them.