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Full Version: EMINENCE 2 (3.0.2) Bugs and Question
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i have 2 question and 2 Bugs. I hope you can help me.

Question 1:
​i use the Eminence 2 Skin with Kodi 18.1 final. Is there a way to hide the entire header (icon, time, weather) in the "Info Icons" view in the movie selection view and use the space gained for a larger overall view? So you waste a lot of space.​​​​​​

Question 2:
Can I permanently disable the icon (menu item) on the left in the header bar?

Bug 1:
The weather widget does not work. If I select it as the default, unfortunately, none.

Bug 2:
I use this skin on my Himedia Q5 Pro and a wrapper. Put simply, I do not play the movies with the Kodi Player but with the Himedia Player. When I use the Standard Skin Estuary everything works without problems. But if I use the Eminence Skin, the movie is passed to the himedia player and runs without any problems, but Kodi then simply ends (App crash), so I can not return to Kodi after the movie.

Sorry, forgot a bug. 

Bug 3: Unfortunately the function "Backup Skin Settings" does not work. The necessary addon is installed. When I click on the function, nothing happens.
Not sure, but I think you have more chances to get an answer if you post your questions here

1 - You would have to mod the skin yourself.
2 - No.
B1 - Works fine for me. Install weather fanart multi from skin dependencies
B2 - Would need a debug log to have any chance of knowing what the issue is.
B3 - Works fine for me.


I know this is an old thread but I stumbled upon a possible solution and I wanted to post in case someone else is trying to get the weather widget to work:

First, I did install the Weather Fanart - Multi add-on which is now in the Kodi repo and not found in the skin dependencies.  Not sure if it made a difference but the widget did not work after this.  I only mention it because it may have made the difference.

Secondly, what made the widget pop in was that I set a different widget on the Weather Home screen (in my case it was a random video widget); then went to the Weather Home screen so that Skin Shortcuts would write the menu and finally I changed back to the Weather widget.  Somehow this made it work and it now shows up.  Yaaaay