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Full Version: Plans to support other distros?
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I was just curious if any other Linux distros might gain official support eventually?  Right now I'm using Ubuntu 18.10, but lately it seems like others such as Manjaro/Arch and MX-Linux are gaining quite a bit of foothold.  I know Kodi can be installed on those, but wasn't it more of a community supported thing?  I wasn't able to get it to build on Manjaro last time I tried. 

MX looks like it has a lot of potential for HTPC use, and both distros tend to have a newer Kernel than Ubuntu.  That really comes in handy when using later hardware such as Ryzen APU based systems.  My HTPC is using a Ryzen 2400G and taking advantage of the on-chip graphics.  VAAPI seems to work great so far.  My projector reports 12-bit color and 4:4:4 chroma being fed from the HTPC.

Does any of the Kodi team use Linux as a daily driver?  And if so, what distro do you run?  Ubuntu definitely has the biggest user base, but I'm not a fan of the Snaps taking over, among other things.
Manjaro is based on Arch.  You should have no issues building Kodi on it.
First and foremost we deliver source-code: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc

If a distribution builds this without patching the hell out of it, cause they do like they know better, everything is supported in this forum (minus bleeding edge GCC, evil might happen here ;-))
I've been wondering where I should ask about getting Kodi updated to v18 in the Arch repos. So if I understand it right the Kodi package in the Arch repo's is maintained by Arch devs/maintainers/packagers and not by anyone from Team-Kod (so there's no point in asking here then Smile).

I've basically been checking every day these past 3 weeks, and I became especially impatient since 18.1 came out haha. Might bite the bullet and build it myself if it takes a little longer.
Each distro has their own way of doing things, so maintaining the packages ourselves would be too much of a burden. It's therefore up to the distro maintainers to build and package Kodi.

If you need help building Kodi from source, please take a look at: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/tree/master/docs
Arch has a decent kodi package in AUR. IIRC kodi-devel
(2019-02-21, 16:31)wsnipex Wrote: [ -> ]Arch has a decent kodi package in AUR. IIRC kodi-devel
 +1 for this package.  I put quite a bit of time into to with the help from folks on these boards.  VERY stable in my experience.
(2019-02-21, 08:17)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]If a distribution builds this without patching the hell out of it, cause they do like they know better
Can I ask you to expand on this point?  More for curiosity than anything - I've had no experience of distro maintenance so just pondering what the story is here.

(it's not an urgent query nor really conducive to the forum thread, so happy to be redirected to a blog)
By bad example:
If we provide kodi 17.6 with ffmpeg 3.x and debian provide a version with 4.1.y not knowing the api breakage between 3.3 and 3.4 by just removing parts of kodi's FFmpeg Audio code so that it compiles and fits to the distribution philosophy without caring a single bit if the software is actually running and then users appearing on this forum and complaining cause of "audio quality" sounds aweful.

Good example:
The logging library gets a bump, gentoo users get it first and find a bug. Provide a backtrace, a proper github issue. We see that issue, can see the root-cause, can talk to upstream of this lib and provide a fix, which makes v18 a success for the reports.
Maybe you should look at snap packages. Centos is notorious for having a lot of what is generally considered "outdated" components but snap packages are completely self contained, so the packages just work. We MAY finally have a "universal" way for installing packages across all distros.
Snap is no good for us, there is however a flatpax package that I believe is in pretty good shape, not sure if everything is working yet though.
@jjd-uk what's your problem with snap i comparison to flatpak? Any technical reasons?
(2019-02-26, 08:34)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]@jjd-uk what's your problem with snap i comparison to flatpak? Any technical reasons?

@fritsch i've no problem with Snap but @wsnipex has mentioned many times there are things about how Snap packages are done that make them no good for Kodi.
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