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Full Version: How to open dialogaddonsetting for Simple PVR addon
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(2019-02-24, 19:44)ontap Wrote: [ -> ]My bad , your right I added it and didn't  test it.
 Solution with python script is very nice solution
If you don't mind me asking , would you post pic of the line "RunScript" , I only know how to take the line between the brackets from favourites.xml and add it in "home.xml" ,I don't think that is "adding a script " ?
or maybe point me at a post that shows how to do it  the way you have please ?
No problem we are here to share the solution  Wink

Here are the 3 steps I made it:

1- create python file inside pvr.iptvsmple folder for example (settings.py)

2- paste this code inside settings.py ( import xbmcaddon
xbmcaddon.Addon('pvr.iptvsimple').openSettings() )

3- go to home.xml and create a new item  and direct it to execute the python script like this:
Quote:<item id="31">
                    <description>open PVR setting</description>
                    <label>PVR setting</label>
superb thank you.
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