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Full Version: couple of 'backup' questions
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Yesterday I learned how to customise a skin (Aeon Nox), set everything up on my laptop how my Dad would like it, took out everything he wouldn't need and made it simple to use with only the things he would need (basics and a couple of add-ons)
I'm running 15.0 so I put the same on his laptop. I installed 'backup' on both, saved mine, zipped it up and put it in dropbox. Connected to his PC, unzipped it and restored it. First error was that it couldn't load the skin, backup finished but it was the usual confluence skin. I manually set it to Aeon Nox (it was already installed, must be from my backup) and ran it again, no errors but it hadn't changed any settings to what I'd done, I had to do it all manually again on his. I also noticed the background images I used on mine (saved in the kodi > addons folder) were not in the restored back up. All add-ons I got for him were installed though.

1) am I doing something wrong? have I missed a step in the backup/restore?

2) if I create myself a look and feel on my Android tablet, can I then put this on my phone, Ouya andkids tablets (all Android) easily?

Should I be using "backup" for this or is there something better/easier out there?
(2019-02-24, 16:50)Jill D Holloman Wrote: [ -> ]I'm running 15.0 so I put the same on his laptop.
Ehm... I think you are behind a couple of years. If you are referring to Kodi, it's on v18.1 at the moment.