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Full Version: [REQUEST] Rhapsody (rhapsody.com) Client Plugin or Script for XBMC?
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i would love to see support for the rhapsody music service. obviously, one would need to setup rhapsody playlists on the pc client, but it would be great to be able to stream real, legit audio streams for the cds that i want to listen to (not just net radio).
is there a chance of getting xbox media center support for rhapsody's streaming audio service? it is available for a few home media centers like the ones mentioned in cnet's review of rhapsody here:


it would be a cool feature, but i am not sure if its really possible.
i really like rhapsody (http://www.listen.com/) paying a small amount to playback loads of music. is there a way to implement this in xbmc, python for instance!?
i'm not a programmer, but i have another media player that supports rhapsody (http://www.listen.com), it's called the prism media player (http://www.prismiq.com) it has an onscreen selection of your saved radio stations, songs and albums. you can play, stop, ff, ect. but the media manager software and the rhapsody player must be running for it to work (you have to go into the upnp settings of the rhapsody player to get it to stream initially) but i'll bet it could work with the xbmc if some clever programmer set his mind on it. i like the rhapsody music service so much, i would be willing to donate to the cause.
ok, i am a proficient googler and have found zero refernce to this. but i figured i would ask here anyway. has anyone tried to create a napster or rhapsody browser or any other pay streaming service? is it b/c of the drm?
i would donate to this cause as well.

it would be an xbmc implementation of the upnp specifications. i'm not sure what kind of effort (or royalties, if any) this would take. but it sure would be useful.

so, i would run rhapsody (the application with the server service running on a pc in my work room)--while i have xbmc running as a upnp client (also referred to as a media renderer or control point in upnp terminology) to listen to my rhapsody music library from my living room.

i pay for rhapsody but i'm not willing to dish out money to buy roku or other similar device. (xbmc is a much better deal!Wink
hi all, i was just wondering if there was a script anywhere that would connect to the rhapsody upnp server and allow you to stream music from rhapsody across xbmc?

i have been reading about a music system called sonos that can do this and it seems like it would be a pretty cool way to stream your music. especially if we could figure out a way to sync the streams to 2 seperate xboxes...

just a though.
i love rhapsody, and i'd donate to this cause as well. $10 to the community from me, on behalf of the first person who gets a working rhapsody script going. i know $10 ain't much, but i also know i'm not the only one who it's worth something to.


While it is now possible to connect to a UPnP Media server within XBMC, Rhapsody UPnP Media server is not accessible because content is DRM protected. A secure protocol prevents streaming to an unauthorized device.

Even though XBMC now supports UPnP, it won't be able to play Rhapsody content because it is DRM protected (meaning encryption). All the devices that support Rhapsody have signed a deal with Rhapsody and implemented their security. There's no way they would allow it to be implemented in an open source project like XBMC.

Sorry guys.
I have started the progression to XBMC and have found one major issue preventing me from enjoying all aspects of my Media Center. I have a subscription to Rhapsody that allows for offline file playback of files. The files play in WMP (for obvious reasons) and winamp. I had hoped to be able to internally use either of these within XBMC to play those files as we have an entire music collection that we listen to often within 7MC.

Is it possible to play the files within XBMC or create a workaround that would enable the family to playback the music?
I understand that UPNP is a no.go, but I do wonder if there is a feasible way to use a different media player via configuration to play the files that are downloaded when you select "offline file" playback. As I noted, I have been able use Windows Media Center to play all of the files with relative ease but when I migrated to XBMC, they will not play. If there was a way to use maybe winamp or the internal windows media player that would address the issue. VLC does not work either and I am gong to try MP-HC to check if it will work.
If you can make a Spotify addon that works via api it can be done with Rhapsody's api as well....