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Full Version: No Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC3) passthrough
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(2019-06-10, 22:36)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]Kodi clearly separates PCM settings and Passthrough settings. Channels are for PCM.

DTS and AC3 and EAC3 are transmitted via 2 PCM channels only, as they are virtual formats.

If you tell kodi, you only have 2.0 PCM channels (which every SPDIF / ARC / etc. is), then we know that you cannout output more than 3 channels via PCM and we provde an additional setting: Dolby Transcoding.

Btw. This is fully documented in the wiki: https://kodi.wiki/view/Settings/System/A...f_channels

Thanks for the explanation, I've been using Kodi for 10+ years but didn't know this. I think there is room for improvement as I think it's not clear for less technical people (although I consider myself technical even have a Msc degree in Computer Science). The docs mention spdif, but I am connected via HDMI which is supposed to support up to 8 channels, so my first instinct is to set the number of channels to 7.1 to match my receiver. Even my TV states it supports pass through of 5.1 audio. At this point I am mainly trying to get surround sound instead of stereo sound, so for me the most obvious thing to do is set the channels to match my receiver, or in this case my tv (5.1).
And it works, because I can pass trough DD, DTS, .. Only DDP is not working. Even when looking at the docs it wasn't clear to me that I had to set my channels to 2.0. Of course it's easy to say it's the users (my) fault, but I think not everyone is aware of how digital audio works under the hood. A little hint in the UI or an extra line explaining things in the docs or faq would be helpful I think.

I am happy though more people ran into this and asked around as that helped me solve my problem, so thanks for posting :-)
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