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Full Version: Unable to install latest versions of TMDB to QNAP XBMC
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I have an older version of XBMC running on my QNAP NAS which is unable to be updated to KODI to my knowledge and am now running into issues updated my TMDB scrapper with an error of "Dependencies not met".  I am currently running version 3.9.5 and have tried the last few versions, the latest being 5.1.5.  Does anyone have any solutions to this or am I SOL now since I am running XBMC still?  Thanks for any help or info anyone can give.
What version of Kodi/XBMC are you using?

The scrapers are stable from Isengard (v15) and up. Many changes have taken place at TVDB and TMDB sites and older scrapers may not work correctly.
I am on version 12.3 (Frodo).
The scrapers work with v15 and above.

v12.x is too old and unsupported by us. Nothing can be done to assist you. Sorry.
if your hardware is powerful enough try installing newer version of Kodi. You can google that - but like always, try not to install random files from internet.
https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=328675 this should help you if your QNAP support it.