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Full Version: edit TV-Show set Certification to first field of select list
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I have a problem  with the Certification field.
I'm a german spoken human for this I've selected "Certification Country = Germany"
If I "search and scrap selected TV-Show(s)" it will refresh the field "Certification" with exaple "TV-MA"
 - when I now edit the TV-Show the field Certification "jumps" to the first member of the select list to 'FSK 0' even though the 'TV-MA' is in the list, but on the last place.

Maybe I make something wrong - if, please tell me what ;-)
and maybe I've found a bug

thank's in advance
looks like a bug - will have a look.
btw: why do you get TV-MA if you want certifications from Germany?
I think in case of fall back language of the scraper. I've never thougt about. But it's realy a good question!