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Full Version: IRMP2Keyboard: An open source Arduino based infrared remote control receiver
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I did some work with IRMP and Arduino and my result is an open source infrared remote control receiver "that just works".
Once the firmware is configured and uploaded to the Arduino board, you have to do absolutely nothing at your Kodi box. Just plug in and use your remote control.

To make this possible, the common "Kodi keyboard controls" are emulated.
My firmware can emulate PS2 and USB keyboards. The interesting thing about PS2 keyboards is, that many mainboards are able to boot by keyboard keypress, as long as the keyboard is connected via PS2. I'm doing exactly this on my Gigabyte board and without additional tricks my HTPC boots if I press the power button on my remote control.

Top features:
  • Support for many remote controls, thanks to the IRMP library
  • The only tool, you need to setup and configure your IRMP2Keyboard receiver, is the Arduino IDE.
  • Both, PS2 and USB keyboards, can be "emulated"
  • Trigger PC boot via remote control if your mainboard supports boot on PS2 keyboard keypress
  • Full support for the FDC-3402 infrared keyboard

More detailed instructions are available on my project website: https://github.com/M-Reimer/irmp2keyboard
Feel free to ask questions or give suggestions in this thread.