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Full Version: No option for ATMOS passthrough sound on KODI 18 ?!
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I just downloaded the version of KODI 18.1 Git: 20190228-80b339717e for my Wetek Air Player media player.
There is no option for passthrough the DTS HD sound. Therefore, I can not play a video clip from my media player with ATMOS sound on the AVR receiver that supports ATMOS. What to do !??!?!
Please Help !
Nothing. There never was such an option as kodi automatically sends the Atmos bits when played. If your device does not have DTS-HD nor TrueHD support out of the box - get a sw update for the boxes's firmware.
You say that Kodi plays automatically ATMOS sounds from video files ?! Why is there option for passthrough AC3 sound ?!
There is an option to enable / disable AC3

If your device supports it, there is DTS-HD, DTS, TrueHD and EAC3 as well - but as your device does not support it, it's not there.

Atmos bits are on TrueHD which kodi supports. So whenever there is a TrueHD with atmos and a device that supports that, we pass them through.

It seems to me you only have AC3 as a setting and therefore you are running broken firmware.
My receiver supports Atmos (TrueHD), DTS-HD, etc.  However, after Kodi updated to v18 I no longer have an option aside from AC3.  This is ran on a HTPC from a 1070 to my receiver.
Then something on your side is wrong. As you don't provide a Debug Log no one can help you.