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Full Version: Need MusicPlayer.Content(liveRadio) boolean
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That boolean doesn't exist, and I have been using !String.IsEmpty(MusicPlayer.ChannelName) but I'm wondering if that is ensured to work in all cases when live radio is playing?

scott s.
may sound odd, but it's MusicPlayer.Content(LiveTV)
Why not Pvr.IsPlayingRadio ?
Thanks for both answers.  Thinking about it, i don't see that's there any reason to prefer one over the other.

BTW, the wiki for skinning manual Appendix V List of Built-in Controls still references DialogPVRGuideOSD.xml

scott s.
(2019-03-12, 03:25)ronie Wrote: [ -> ]may sound odd, but it's MusicPlayer.Content(LiveTV)

An entry for MusicPlayer.Content(...) seems to be missing in the wiki: https://kodi.wiki/view/Skinning_Manual#Music_player
Could you please also add entries for Player.PauseEnabled (difference to Player.Paused ?) and Player.Progress to the wiki?
thx, added both to the docs.