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Full Version: Amber skin for Kodi 18.1
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Can anyone till me how to install Amber skin in Kodi 18.1 Android phone. The skin is not available via the normal interface skins that come with Kodi. Previous version it was there. I love the skin because it brings the movie rating from multiple rating entities
There is a partially working version for Leia available via the link in this post, but it has some problems with the add-on browser (and maybe a few other points).

@bsoriano has kindly offered to look at updating the skin for Leia, and is working on it at the moment (see the posts near the end of the thread linked above), so hopefully a more fully working version should be available soon.

It seems that the original maintainers of the skin are no longer supporting it, so thus far there is not a working version that is compatible with Leia, hence why you cannot see it in the official repo.
I have a background skin error on my 18.1 Kodi on my box, I can't seem to fix this. The error doesn't occur on my 18.0 version on my tablet though. Thanks in advance!
I no longer have this error message with Bart's Amber update. Yay
Thank you for the info.
Is there a skin that bring movie rating such as IMDb rating. I use only one add-on which I like the most *BLEEP*, however, it's not categorized good or has deatails and rating about the movies

Thank you again
(2019-03-26, 15:15)Moe1 Wrote: [ -> ]I use only one add-on which I like the most

Please don't mention or discuss add-ons that are on Kodi's banned list. It's one of our forum rules (wiki) involving video piracy.