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Full Version: Impossible to download Kodi from website!
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Whenever I try to download Kodi 18.1 (Raspberry), the website shows "Download started --- We hope you enjoy your shiny new copy of Kodi as much as we enjoyed making it!"

But no download starts. 

I've two differenttried using two different PCs, with various browsers and different IPs too. 

Can anyone give me a hint? 

The download link on the Kodi website for the Raspberry Pi refers to a Wiki guide, in which you can choose from 3 different Kodi solutions: LibreELEC, OSMC and Xbian.

Which of these 3 are not working for you? If not one of of these, which download link are you referring to?
Or if you want it under Raspbian, it's installed in the normal way with apt-get.

See this tutorial by @rascas for more details.
if you click on the guide button (which has an incorrect 'Download this release' tooltip), Kodi opens the wiki Guide but also this window https://kodi.tv/download-thanks
guess both are a bit confusing for some.