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Full Version: Channel Guide Updates
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I have been running Kodi with the HDHomerun PVR for years. I use it on Fire TV, Android tablet and Windows. For the most part it has worked flawlessly. I recently upgraded to 18.1 and I am experiencing an issue with the channel guide.

When I first start up Kodi, the channel guide loads. Once it initially loads, the guide doesn't update unless I manually open System > PVR & Live TV > Guide and select Clear data to force it to reload the guide or exit and restart Kodi. I have the Update intervals in System > PVR & Live TV > Guide set to 15 minutes but it doesn't update the guide. Is there something else that needs to be done in Kodi 18.1 or with HDHomerun PVR to get it to update the guide periodically?

The same thing is happening to my install too.

If I clear the data and pull a new EPG, it pulls it just fine. I will end up with 12 days worth of data. However, when I close Kodi and launch it again, the guide is empty. I was able to find the location of the epg.db file and confirm that it was indeed changing each time the log was cleared and reloaded manually.

What is your setup? Mine is Kodi 17.6 with the unofficial HDHomeRun PVR service from djp952 (so I could use timers and timer rules).
I don't think this is typical behavior.  I've never seen anything like it, running either the Kodi-released PVR, the unofficial PVR, or even other (unreleased) PVR code.

It might be helpful to see some debug logs.  I suspect that this is due to a setting in the PVR layer rather than the HDHR PVR code itself.
@MatthewLundberg Thanks for popping in and giving some advice. Since this sort of thing is not normal behavior, I opted to reinstall Kodi. Unfortunately, I will be traveling and won't have the change to troubleshoot. I needed to make sure wifey could use the HTPC before I left, so reinstall it was.

I installed Kodi 18 this time and from everything I can tell, it looks to be working properly again.
I'm seeing this behavior on two out of my three kodi boxes, all with the same settings in PVR/Live TV... very odd.